Saturday, December 19, 2009

In the beginning...

all there was is this blog, my mind and a keyboard.

I have a definite plan, based solely on having no plan at all, or having no intention to follow any plan. If I plan, you will probably have your best chance of figuring out what I am going to do next because you will at least have something you can rule out.

Therefore, there will be no schedule followed, no minimum or maximum number of posts and no subject certainty. If I feel it and feel like writing it, then I'll do that.

I may have just lied. There will be one theme that should transcend all posts over time, a search for truth in any form. Just remember it will be truth as I see truth and how I arrived at truth. Sometimes I will encourage feedback and sometimes I will delete your comments but I will always do things in ways that I haven't always done things.

It is my blog and I will treat it that way unless I am treating as your blog. I suppose if I never have any readers, then it will actually always be my blog but if I gain readers, it may sometimes be the readers blog. In the end, even when it is their blog, it will still be my blog.

I am opinionated and indecisive, objective and biased, naive and intelligent but most of all I am human. As one, I'm trying to find my way through the maze of life before the timer runs out and the cheese is taken away. I'm behind in some things, ahead in others, except for the ones I'm not sure about.

I love life and despise people, I love individuals and despise existence. I think we are all capable of great things, heroic and horrific. To be happy, we don't want our needs but we need our wants. We can have our wants and still be sad.

There is one God, one truth and lots of deceptions, many which closely resemble the truth but there is only one truth. Expedition Truth has departed the terminal but seating is still plentiful. Pull up a link, bookmark the page and make yourself at home. I'll leave the light on for you when you're away.

Now to plan what to do next...